What do the Critics Say?
2/10/2013 (updated 2/10/2013)

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"[Thompson is] a superior guitarist who always plays with a clear tone and exquisite taste, and provides no small amount of head-snapping surprises - features present in abundance on Electric." - Wall Street Journal

"[Thompson] continues to romance audiences..." - New York Times

"Richard Thompson plugs in and delivers his most generous helping of guitar solos in many years, perhaps ever... Each time Thompson launches into one of his eclectic breaks, Electric becomes electrifying." - AP Associated Press

"[Thompson is] a folksinger who doesn't sound out of place shredding like an arena-rock star... and still writes songs that sting and storm." - NPR Music

"...the excellence is undeniable." - Rolling Stone

"Brilliant British guitarist and witty songwriter Richard Thompson emerges with his strongest collection since 1999 standout Mock Tudor." - Billboard

"Folk-rock legend at the top of his game." - Uncut

"...Electric is a first-class showcase for Thompson's spine-tingling solos..." - Q

"'s up there with his best." **** - Mojo

"Richard Thompson is one of the great open secrets in rock ‘n' roll... for more than four decades he has been one of the most acclaimed musicians alive, as both an instrumentalist and a songwriter. [Electric is] full of Thompson's trademarks: blistering guitar work and frequently acerbic lyrics." - MSN Entertainment

"Classic Thompson, in other words, and well worth plugging into." - The Globe and Mail

"The plain truth remains that few writers and guitarists are in his league." - The Gazette Montreal

"The british folk‐rocker's latest is an energized affair driven by a power trio and Buddy Miller's down-home production." 4.5 - Winnepeg Sun

"Unlike most of his peers, Thompson is defying the march of time, continuing to write and perform at an exceptional level. Electric easily deserves a place alongside his best solo releases." 9/10 -

"Thompson's new disc Electric finds him sounding as vital as ever, both musically and lyrically. At the top of his game in a way that can only come with experience and wisdom, his new songs are biting and perceptive... And it goes without saying that Thompson's virtuoso guitar playing is, well, virtuoso..." - Pop Matters

"As the disc's name implies, Electric finds Thompson fully plugged and solo-centric. The result will thrill all those who favor this particular corner of Thompson's triple-threat talent." - Daily News

"Thompson continues to mine Britain's folk roots for ass-kicking hey-nonny-nonny as well as darkly amusing social studies..." - The Village Voice

"A red-blooded affair." - Time Out New York

"...the terse, tensile performances are fully electric in their intensity... another in a seemingly endless streak of quality albums from Richard Thompson" - American Songwriter

"... The songwriting, guitar work and vocals boast an abundance of depth and truth." - Music and Musicians

"Thompson's guitar contains multitudes, the raunchiest riffs morphing into spiraling solos that suggest Scottish bagpipes, Eastern sitars or the backward psychedelic effect of Revolver-era Beatles." - The Chicago Tribune

"...classic Thompson, biting, tender and thrilling." - The Courier Journal

"Richard Thompson's playing is as inventive as it has ever been and the rhythm section of Michael Jerome and Taras Prodaniuk match him note for note. An album every three years? If that's what it takes to produce a record as good as this, so be it." - Rolling Stone Music

"Thompson offers an on-ramp for the uninitiated that also gives long term fans something to cherish."- No Depression

"A seemingly perfect mix of Thompson's styles... fans of all eras of Richard Thompson's career will find plenty to satisfy their musical passions." - The Alternate Root

"Definitely Thompson's best record in who knows how long, Electric solidifies his position as one of the greatest - if not the greatest and most versatile guitarist to emerge from England in the 1960s. Electric is nakedly beautiful, thrillingly trippy, totally folky, and, above all, extremely confident. You need this record now." - Rock Cellar Magazine

"...arguably his most satisfying album since Mock Tudor in 1999... Thompson's lyrical eloquence [matches] the dexterity of his guitar playing note for note." - MusicRadar

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