INTERVIEW: CMT EDGE - Richard Thompson Plugs Back In for ELECTRIC
2/10/2013 (updated 2/10/2013)

Richard Thompson Plugs Back In for Electric

I think sometimes we forget that it's kind of a narrow divide between Celtic music and Appalachian music. Obviously, the Scots and the Irish came over and they settled in the Appalachians, and that became the roots of old-timey music and then country music. Melodically, it's very similar. Thematically, it's very similar. Perhaps it's a short step for someone to take a song of mine and turn it into more of a country song.

Some people have no sense of irony. People sometimes just believe what you say, not realizing that you're saying the opposite of what you mean. (laughs) But that kind of wit goes right back into folk tradition. The Scots and Irish songs are incredibly witty in a very sort of ironical way. It goes back to the 1500s and 1600s. You find these amazing lyrics where they're so cutting because of the skill in the use of irony. I'm just trying to pick up on that tradition and continue the good work. -RT

Jewly Hight, CMT Edge