INTERVIEW: THE ARTS DESK: 10 Questions for Musician Richard Thompson
2/10/2013 (updated 2/10/2013)

The folk-rock pioneer talks about his new album, his No Twang rule, and the 'inner landscape' of songwriting

I really like female voices. I'm a baritone so it's nice to have a higher voice - just sonically in the mix, it sits nicely. And there is an emotion to women's voices that is just wonderful. On this album I asked Buddy if he knew any singers in Nashville who don't twang, who don't sound like they've just stepped out of the hills. He said, "There is Siobhan, who is basically Irish-English." She was great and she sang most of the harmony. Then just as were leaving town Buddy said, "Do you fancy putting Alison on this track?" I said, "It's a great idea, but I'm going to have to trust you because I'm leaving town, so just do it and if it works that's great." So it works and it's great. -RT

Graeme Thomson, The Arts Desk