Q&A JANUARY 2013, Part II
2/12/2013 (updated 2/17/2013)

Photo: © Annaliese Moyer 2012

I enjoyed Cabaret of Souls quite a lot and have a couple of questions before you move on to "Electric." I think that a lot on the record would appeal to the classic music audience, but I also understand the reality of music marketing. That said, I was wondering if you attempted to market the project to the classical music audience. If you did, what kind of response did you receive? I was also wondering if any of the songs from CoS will be performed on the next tour? If not, is that because they don't fit the electric trio format or is it that the songs are part of the whole piece and you don't forsee performing them outside of the full production? Thanks for the great music. David Zipkowitz

COS tends to get marketed to subscribers, who include classical music in their diets, along with musicals, ballet, opera, world music, jazz, and visual arts. When we have a clearer idea where the next production will take place, we'll try to hone in on what we think the potential audience is. It is sometimes hard to convince classical audiences, critics, etc., that your music has any value if you come from outside the genre.

Re: Electric tour
Despite being a huge fan of all three artists, I can't help but be somewhat surprised at the choice of touring with Emmylou and Rodney Crowell. For many years you've eschewed the major tours opening for more commercially successful artists so I wonder, "why now?" And yes I know you'll be the co-headliner and the RT Trio is not your run of the mill "opener". And for their part who would want to come out after the RT Band? A very tough act to follow indeed. Will you be playing a song or two with the two? Maybe adding some licks to "Jambalaya" as encore? Any plans for a more extensive tour of smaller halls without Emmy and Rodney? By the way, just saw her at one of your favorite places to play Buskirk Chumley Theatre in Bloomington In. and she was wonderful. Rodney has put on two of my favorite shows I've ever seen (right behind all of your shows I must add). I wish you success on tour and thank you again for replying.

I've headlined a lot of tours over the last 20 years, but sometimes it's time to change it up, and look for a different audience - otherwise it really can be a case of preaching to the converted. This is a co-bill that should bring in a broadminded base of concert-goers. Apparently, tickets are going fast! And don't forget that Emmylou has done a couple of hard-rocking albums lately, so the Trio should not be out of place. And of course we have our sensitive side! I've no idea at this point about collaborations and such.

Re: Q&A - Two songs.
I'm very happy to have been pointed in the direction of Blair Dunlop's debut release in search of 'Seven Brothers.' I love his singing and guitar playing on the song but wonder if you will be performing or recording it yourself? And how did the gift of the song to Blair come about? It's a terrific lyric and a reminder of the 'skull beneath the skin' that I think Mr. Eliot himself might have appreciated. Not to mention John Webster, if he could get his head around the notion of a motor car!

If you don't mind me saying so, 'Speechless Child' is a another song of yours with great lyrics and sentiments which, regrettably, seem more pertinent with every passing year. I have the Gloom and Doom cassette but as far as I know it's never been available in any other format. Is there any prospect of that changing? There must be a lot of people out there who don't have the cassette and would like to hear the song. Thanks. Frank Wilson

PS. In 1987, 88 or thereabouts I was able to do the ultimate self-indulgent fan thing of putting you on in the arts centre in Stockton-on-Tees that I was running. It was a sell-out show of course! And a couple of years ago I booked Teddy for a festival in Tynemouth.

Blair asked if I had any songs knocking about. I think I sent him 4, 3 of which ended up on the deluxe version of the CD. He chose Seven Brothers, which we ended up not recording, so that worked out fine. Perhaps I'll release the demo at some point.

Speechless Child I'd be happy to lose - not one of my favourites.

Oh, and thanks again for the play at Stockton-on-Tees!

I'm a huge Suzanne Vega fan and enjoyed watching you play with her on the BBC a couple of years ago. I know you also played on her (brilliant) 99.9F album. Are you a fan of her work too? Cheers. Jamie Taylor

I think she's a fine artist, very good composer and singer. It was fun to play with her at the BBC.