INTERVIEW: THE TELEGRAPH - Richard Thompson talks to Martin Chilton about his new album Electric, jazz and music in the digital age
2/20/2013 (updated 2/20/2013)

Richard Thompson Q&A

The digital world has been a boon to independent artists or those who don't fit into a particular rack in the old 'HMV era'. You can get music from less well-known musicians now. But free downloads are a serious problem. The models are still changing and I think at some point there has to be a more realistic model of what the music business is. Artists need to be rewarded a bit more. I am OK and earn a living but for people starting out and not as well known as me, then it is very, very tough. Some of the bands that my son listens to - shoe-gazing bands - they sleep on a fan's floor. Fans are feeding them and buying petrol to get them to the next gig. And there are not that many fans. If there was a little more of a royalty strength for these people, that would change everything. House concerts are a really good thing and that's the basis of a new picture that might become important. Any way that supports artists is good. - RT

Martin Chilton, The Telegraph