INTERVIEW: ELSEWHERE - Audiences and the art of the song
2/27/2013 (updated 2/27/2013)

RICHARD THOMPSON INTERVIEWED (2013): Audiences and the art of the song

You practice every day?

When I can, absolutely. There are times when I spend all day on a plane of course and sometimes if I'm on tour and have played six days straight, if there's a day off I won't just to give my fingers a chance to heal.

Is playing the Electric stuff physically harder?

No it's easier. Electric guitar is much easier because the strings are lighter. It is much harder and physical to do a solo show where it's just me for two hours, that is much more demanding. If it's a band show I can step back occasionally.

How far is your dance card booked up?

We are talking about trying to get to Australia and New Zealand at the end of this year or early next year. It was about 15 years ago the last I was there. It's been difficult the last few years because of the economy and I've been fairly determined to bring a band down for the first time.

I hope promoters are throwing vast amounts of money at you then.

Oh yes, I hope so too.

Graham Reid, Elsewhere