GIG REVIEW: Usher Hall, Edinburgh
2/27/2013 (updated 2/27/2013)

The folk-rocker stays true to the title of his latest album - too true, perhaps

Thompson is currently touring with the trio which recorded his latest album, Electric. If that record is in fact a more nuanced beast than the title implies, he certainly followed through on its promise on stage: this determinedly plugged-in evening had considerably more solos than songs. This would be a criminal offence for 99.9 percent of artists; Richard Thompson is in the other 0.1 percent.

He was in fine voice (and spirits) throughout and the band rocked hard and true, most thrillingly on ferocious versions of "Never Give it Up", "Hard on Me", "Tear Stained Letter" and a sizzling "Hey Joe" which, even with its tongue heading towards its cheek, stood its ground against the might of those classic Sixties power trios Cream and the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Though Electric formed the spine of the set, he delved sporadically into the farther reaches of his catalogue, revisiting Pour Down Like Silver for a taut, foreboding "Shame of Doing Wrong", and plucking "Did She Jump or Was She Pushed?" and a driving "Wall of Death" from Shoot out the Lights. A stately "Keep Your Distance", played as an encore request, was a very welcome surprise.

Graeme Thomson, The Arts Desk