Q&A February 2013, Part I
3/4/2013 (updated 3/5/2013)

If you wanted to incite a riot at one of your performances - perhaps on May 29 - what would you play? Dave Fox, Richmond VA

Rite Of Spring has probably lost its shock value. Maybe something by John Denver?

Dear Richard.
What kind of song on your new album want you hear in performance by St. Francis of Assisi? Sorry for my English. Thanks.

Didn't know he was still performing. 'Where's Home' might just work for him.

Re: Frets and Refrains
Hi again Richard,
How's the UK tour going/gone, depending on when you read this of course? On the subject of Frets and Refrains, my finger has hovered over the "order" button several times but being in the UK a jaunt to the US for a guitar masterclass becomes a somewhat expensive piece of self indulgence. Anyway, ever thought about a UK/Europe boot camp? All the best, Tony

We are considering other camps, in other places and with other formats. However, Full Moon is such an idyllic spot, we want to focus on Frets and Refrains for now.

I am a big fan of your music. Have been for a few years now. I love your work. Yourself and Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) are my favourite singer/songwriters. I think you can probably guess where this is leading to. The burning question in my mind is why have you and Yusuf not made music together? Have you any plans to collaborate with Yusuf? How would you place him with other British singer songwriters? One more question. You have aged very gracefully, you hardly look 40! What's the secret? Wishing you the best. Best regards, Khalid

I have played with Yusuf on a few occasions live. It would be fun to do more - he has my email! How would I place him? I really think he is in his own genre, and is difficult to compare with other singer/songwriters. Maybe it's the Greek influence?

You have obviously been looking at blurry, out of focus, or possibly outdated pictures of me - or perhaps pictures of Yanni? That guy in the mirror in the morning has been around the block a few times.



In about 1965 I worked with a guy who I think could be Richard at Norton Abrasives, Welwyn Garden City - could this possibly have been Richard? Regards, Rob Clough

On the best authority, I can assure you that that was not me. I was at school in 1965.

How did you decide among the new material on Electric which songs were selected for the main disk and which were relegated to the Bonus Disk? Love all the songs on the main disk, but very glad to have the bonus material. I am particularly fond of The Rival but think all 4 would have been a nice fit. I guess I will find out soon (in never come to Sidney), but will any of the bonus selections make it into the set list? Also, would you ever consider performing The Way That It Shows again? Some guitar work outs get revisited, but this classic seemingly has remained on the shelf (it's one of my work outs, trying to keep up with Dave, but I think Michael can handle it...).  Best wishes and thanks for your past support of OTS.  John Taft, Sidney, IL

I tried to pick the strongest songs that highlighted the electric trio, and then what I thought were the best of the softer ones. If we had included the bonus tracks and left off Treadmill, Sally B, Stony Ground, etc., we could have made a very different statement. If the bonus songs prove popular, they will make it to the set list. We have revived The Way That It Shows a couple of years ago. It's always fun to play, but sometimes people prefer to hear something like Shoot Out The Lights or Can't Win.