Q&A February 2013, Part IV
3/3/2013 (updated 3/10/2013)

Any Scrabble game is a challenge, because of the random aspect of letter selection. This gets more pronounced if you play with 4 people. A good player will emerge over half a dozen games. I play the computer a lot.

You seem pretty comfortable having a presence on Facebook these days. Are you generally pleased with social media as a way of connecting with the fan base?

People FB on my behalf, but I check it regularly. It's a great connection, and very immediate, and a place people go to for information at this point.

When you were a lad - before music became your calling - did you ever want to follow in your father's footsteps and become a Scotland Yard detective?

Not really. I grew up in police flats, where all the families were police, and I saw what that life did to the wives and children. I saw very little of my father, he worked such ridiculous hours, so I never wanted to go that way.

I recall someone at F&R - possibly your grandson, Zak Hobbs - telling me that your son Jack is right-handed. If so, what prompted him to play bass left-handed?

He came home one day and said, "Oh, by the way, we've started a band, and I'm the bass player". So I said, "Well, we'd better get you a bass, then". He said he needed to play left-handed because that was the way he'd been picturing it in his mind.

How did you feel when you noticed that you and the missus were on "Kiss Cam" during the Stanley Cup playoffs last year? And speaking of which, do you think the abbreviated season will help or hinder the Kings? Thank you, Richard, for graciously answering my endless queries! Cheers, Doug

Having seen other victims of the Kiss-Cam, I knew that faint-heartedness was not the way to present oneself, and that over-the-top was more likely to get a good response from the rabble.

The short season makes it a bit more of a lottery, and the Kings got off to a slow start, although they are catching up now. Could see another low-seeded team winning the cup.

Our youngest son misheard and would sing at the top of his lungs "Keep Your Distance" as "Keep Your Sister", so naturally that's what is has become in our house. I'm curious now if other people have approached you with misheard lyrics. Also, have you thought of bringing Frets and Refrains to the UK or perhaps Ireland? Thanks!  Ted, Limerick

When Rory McFarlane was playing bass in the band, he had a very nice girlfriend called Amy, who I believe was from New York. At some point she said, "Oh, I love that song about the waterbed!" She meant Wall Of Death. How she  found meaning and musical solace in a song about domestic furniture is baffling, but there you go. To her credit, when her error was pointed out to her, I believe she still liked the song.



On the Celtic Connections DVD Richard mentions to a "heckler" that he's now met everyone who bought the Henry the Human Fly album. So I thought he should start a register on his website or maybe a page on facebook of all the people who bought it and who can provide a picture of themselves holding the cover of the LP. I'd be very happy to supply my photo as a starter. Kind regards (plus when are you coming to Australia?) Bob Todd

Nice idea, that we might take up! See above for OZ.

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