INTERVIEW: CHICAGO TRIBUNE - Innovation in, nostalgia out
3/12/2013 (updated 3/12/2013)

Richard Thompson: Innovation in, nostalgia out

I’m excited about what’s around the corner, what’s out of sight. You get ideas from reading Science Journal, a novel, or hearing an opera on the radio. There are ideas all over the place and you have to be open to receiving them. The audience has to expect you to do this as well. It’s no good for you to have that ambition if the audience won’t let you. You go to a Stones or Eagles concert, and you expect them to play the hits. You’re not expecting them to be ground-breaking past the age of 40. Big bucks are being paid to wallow in nostalgia. If I went to a Stones concert I wouldn’t want to hear new material. The band doesn’t challenge the audience and the audience doesn’t challenge the band. I’m glad to say my audience challenges me to come up with new stuff. You have to start by dragging the audience forward. -RT

Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune