GIG REVIEW: FOLK RADIO UK - The Lowry 10.3.13
3/12/2013 (updated 3/12/2013)

Richard Thompson – The Lowry 10.3.13

Decked out in his trademark cap and scarf maybe guarding against the chilly night, Thompson was bold enough to open the show with a flurry of songs from the new album, the alliterative trio of Stuck On The Treadmill, Sally B and Salford Sunday, he teased the audience, tongue firmly in cheek about only being there for the stuff from the sixties and seventies. Whatever they were there for, the crystal clear sound filled the Lyric Theatre with Thompson's distinctive Fender notes. The acoustic guitar came out for a jazzy run through Al Bowlly's In Heaven with its opening lines of "we were heroes then and the girls were all pretty" being both nostalgic and possibly harking back to earlier days. As a bit of a nod to the folkies, the evening wouldn't be complete without reference to the usual folk themes of death and murder with the modern murder ballad of lorry driver Sydney Wells - taken in 9/8 time which of course, as a well informed member of the audience noted, was the timing for a slip jig which appeared at the end of the song.

The evening ended with another 'tongue in cheek' acknowledgement to the band as a power trio. Previously on the tour they’d covered Cream's White Room, but tonight the band were The Jimi Hendrix Experience with a run through of the classic Hey Joe and a final sing along opportunity with Tear Stained Letter. On this continued form the audiences for the forthcoming US shows have a treat in store.

Michael Ainscoe, Folk Radio UK