REVIEW: SYDNEY MORNING HERALD - Love songs twist like a knife
3/16/2013 (updated 3/16/2013)

Love songs twist like a knife

Thompson is alive and well and continues to release albums that carry all the immediacy of a first effort. Anyone who has seen him perform knows all about the urgency he brings to his performances. It is impossible to sit there in a detached state. He grips you by the throat, demands you absorb every syllable, and impales you on successive thrilling notes springing from his acoustic guitar. Or in this case, as the title suggests, his electric guitar.

The album (recorded in Nashville) has been superbly mixed by Buddy Miller, so that Thompson's voice sounds massive, without making the instruments seem small. It sneers and leers and teases and pleads as it delivers lyrics that, if observational, are always empathetic; if confessional, never maudlin.

The love songs have a twist like a knife inserted delicately between the ribs, and there are often deliciously tart lines such as that contained in the title of Good Things Happen to Bad People.

John Shand, Brisbane Times / Sydney Morning Herald