2. So Ben Mi C'ha Bon Tempo
9/28/2003 (updated 9/28/2003)

Well, I've been invited by Richard to give some other clues as to the correct spelling of the Italian song, and I'll do as far as I can.

Difficult to say if the second verse reads "Il (or Al) so ma basta mo": this sounds as a dialectal form from Emilia (Modena's region in Italy), meaning, more or less, "I know but let me stop here", or "Don't make me say anymore". Both could be right. For sure, in current Italian one says "Son ben chi č favorito" and "Oh s'io potessi dire" (with one t only). But then again, with arcaic Italian who knows.

Saluti e baciamani (Regards and hand-kissings) is a kind of formal greeting. The overall meaning of the song, anyway, is the one Richard usually explains onstage.

Saluti and baciamani to you all.