EMAIL THE BEEKEEPER Tom Jones talks Richard Thompson, Dimming of the Day
3/28/2013 (updated 3/28/2013)

Tom Jones talks blues, roots music and latest album, Spirit In The Room

"I've sung Richard Thompson songs before; I've always thought that he was a powerful writer. When we were getting ready to do this album, I definitely wanted to see what else of his might work. A few other people have recorded "Dimming Of The Day", so I listened to what they did to see if I could take it somewhere else, which I think I did.

"We put a very simple beat to it, a natural style of production. The key to this song, and this whole album, is that you don't want to over-arrange. That gets in the way of the song, gets in the way of what I'm trying to put across. For me to deliver a song like this well, it's got to sound like I wrote it myself. Getting the right production can make a big difference." - Tom Jones

Joe Bosso,