GIG REVIEW: EXAMINER - RT goes 'Electric' at Nashville's 3rd and Lindsley
4/7/2013 (updated 4/15/2013)

Richard Thompson goes Electric

Thompson had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hands all evening. He is a rare performer who, at 64 years old, has gained the kind of stage presence that only comes with decades of gigging but has not lost any of the energy of his youth. Indeed, at times it seemed like his more youthful bandmates were having to push themselves to their limits to keep up with Thompson's flying fingers. In addition to the display of the six string virtuosity that has put him in practically every "Best Guitarists of All Time" list ever compiled, Thompson is also a master storyteller. Throughout the night he told stories of song origins, made frequent jokes about his lengthy career, and lobbed witty banter back at the crowd when something was shouted up to the stage.

The highlight of the night, for this reviewer at least, came during the final of 3 encores in the nearly 2 hour show. Thompson began the encore with a typically self-deprecating story about how he wanted the Richard Thompson Trio to be "a power trio like Cream or Jimi Hendrix" but couldn't because they were "too folksy to be a good power trio." After delivering this zinger, Thompson and his bandmates launched into a scorching barnburner version of Hendrix's classic "Hey Joe", complete with a guitar solo by Thompson that managed to nail every nuance of Hendrix's work.

Chris Griffy, Examiner