INTERVIEW: DALLAS OBSERVER - RT On Getting Older and Losing Meaning
4/10/2013 (updated 4/15/2013)

Richard Thompson

I write music that is fairly British oriented. I am glad that it translates. I've had a lot of songs covered by country artists. I've had a few hits on the country charts. That is a surprise and then it is not a surprise. I think the styles are quite close between British and Appalachian music for example. It's only a short leap so I think things are adaptable. I think often that people in a genre like country music are looking for something slightly different outside of the genre. A style can become a bit cliched and people are looking for fresh ingredients.

There is a depth to true Americana music. Real country music is worlds away from what passes for country music today.

I think that is true. I think that is why there is a genre called Americana as opposed to country. Some people feel that country has become more like pop music and it has lost some of that old grit that it used to have.

Darryl Smyers, Dallas Observer