GIG REVIEW: DALLAS OBSERVER - RT at the Granada Theater

Richard Thompson at the Granada Theater, 4/13/13: Review

Thompson is more than just a fantastic guitarist -- much more.

"Most of my songs are for people in a deep depression of those who are psychotic," said Thompson in one of many lighthearted exchanges with the crowd. Indeed, Thompson's wit belies the underlying sadness of many of his best efforts. Songs like "My Enemy" and "I'll Never Give it Up" come across as especially bitter commentaries on Thompson's romantic history. There's not a lot of optimism in Thompson's songs, but they are played with such good humor that they must have a cathartic effect on the artist.

As great of a songwriter as Thompson is, there were still many in the crowd who came just for the guitar solos. And Thompson delivered on those as well. Aided immeasurably by bassist Taras Prodaniuk and drummer Michael Jerome Moore (who has played with The Toadies and Course of Empire), Thompson's playing is simply awe-inspiring. Any serious discussion of the best guitarists in rock music must include Richard Thompson. The guy proved it again Saturday night.

Darryl Smyers, Dallas Observer