INTERVIEW: THE QUIETUS - Channelling From Some Other Place

Richard Thompson Interviewed

I'm a bit of an Abba fan and went to see the musical recently. It was quite good hearing the old songs being done again but honestly I was horrified and appalled by the audience reaction and what they reacted to. I thought, I'm enjoying this too but you're reacting to the wrong bits! I wanted to jump up and say that's a great bass line you're all missing. Instead it was like nostalgia evening for a shag at the office party. I could see that the associations people had set out with and come to enjoy didn't depend on the music, or at least on what I think are the good bits of the music, so I sat there thinking you're all wrong, what’s the matter with you people? But those audiences engage in music as something else, as as sort of association with things that have nothing to do with music I think. So it's the audiences that puzzle me to be honest, they're worrying. Recently I watched some videos of Kenny G's audience, incredible, dancing round and grooving to Kenny like it's the coolest thing in the world and that really upsets me. Kenny G doesn’t really upset me. But the audience does. - RT

Tariq Goddard, The Quietus