Q&A April 2013, Part II
5/2/2013 (updated 5/2/2013)

Thanks for another wonderful album... that, unlike the previous two (masterpieces, each), I'd assumed I wouldn't get to catch the tour for.  Of course, the Farmer's Almanac says it's exactly about time for you to arrive in Portland again; but your tour schedule hadn't looked to be heading this way anytime soon, until suddenly it was. We're giddy, as always.  I know that for the electric trio, the setlist is bound to be fairly standardized. But it can't hurt to ask, right? (he asked just before asking) Any chance of either "Mother Knows Best" (rare gem off widely beloved album) or "Will You Dance Charlie Boy" (infectious new rocker from coveted bonus disc) getting performed at the Aladdin? I can just hear you guys tearing it up on either one. Hope we haven't seen the last of "Needle and Thread," either... Whatever you play, it's sure to be sensational. See you in a little while! Just so you know, Michael Nesmith warmed the heart of that theater this past Friday night - so I think the light'll be on for you. Tony Favazza - Portland, OR

Peter Sellers (as Inspector Clouseau) would have done a great cover of the Monkees' theme tune. Or we will... I shall bear your requests in mind, and thank you.

A group of friends (one's who can actually play your music) gets together every month or two to play and (in my case) sing along every few months. I'd love to bring them the sheet music for your song "My Enemy," they are all also big fans. Is the sheet music available for purchase? They are all amateurs playing for fun. And if there are some concerns about redistribution, I can make sure that I only print it out and take back the printed copies when the night is done and then I can delete the electronic copy so the music doesn't get out in the wild. If that is a concern to you, as it is for many musicians, I give you my word I will follow whatever terms will make you ok with sending or selling me a copy of the music. thank you. Adam Singer

I don't have the song available on sheet music, but here's the chords, and you can grab the lyrics from the CD:

P.S. I have many of your albums, but I also hear (and Judith Owen) you from time to time on your friend Harry Shearer's great program "Le Show."

Which has just been dropped from KCRW. Send letters, emails, tweets, picket the studio - let's get Harry back where he belongs.

Interview: Harry Shearer on 'Le Show' being taken off the air in Los Angeles