Q&A April 2013, Part III
5/1/2013 (updated 5/1/2013)

Re: Tour with Emmylou and Rodney
My wife and I were fortunate enough to catch opening night in St. Louis with Emmy and Rodney and were, of course, completely blown away by your performance as well as theirs.  Just wondering if there were any post concert informal jams with the musicians and, if so, what did we all play. (Hank Williams seems like and obvious choice). Any plans to sing with Emmylou in future (she's sang with everyone else after all)? You two would be a natural pairing in my amateur non- musician opinion. Anyway, thanks for answering and tomorrow night Louisville!

It was a thrill to work with Emmylou and Rodney, and their fantastic band. I'm afraid the rigors of the road, soundcheck times, and different driving schedules and often hotels meant that there was no after-hours jamming, such is life. No immediate plans to do anything with Emmylou in future.

Re: Cayamo
Why are you not on the boat? It's the only way I can be sure of seeing you each year. And it is the best venue for you playing to a thousand people who are only there because they love you. John.

Cayamo give all artists a sabbatical every few years. Hopefully they'll have us back soon. Meanwhile, we are on the Sandy Beaches Cruise with Delbert McLinton - same boat, different week, less chords!

Hi Richard, bit of a guitar geek question from me. I notice on your new tour you've brought back your vibroverb back on the road along with your new headstrong Princeton. Was there something you were looking for away from your divided by 13 and deluxe reverbs? Also, are they both on all the time or do you switch between the two depending on the song. Whatever you're doing it sounds better than ever.

On another note, I was at the shepherds bush gig back in February and couldn't help but notice your grandson Zak who's a really great player and his style is very similar to yours. Does he get many lessons from you or is it his own study? And was that your telecaster he was playing? Thanks for all the music! Jon

I was trying to be a little quieter on stage this tour, and the Divided By is a loud amp! The Headstrong might be too quiet though, although I love the tone. I put new speakers (Celestions) in the Vibroverb, and that's working really well.

I haven't had a whole lot of time to sit down with Zak, but he has a very good ear, and has picked up a lot of my style - maybe it's genetic! His 3 pickup Tele was put together by Bobby Eichorn.

Were Davy Graham and/or Bert Jansch ever an influence on your music in the early days of your playing and recording?

I used to see Davy and Bert in the folk clubs when I was a teenager, so I probably copped a few things. Davy's record with Shirley Collins was totally groundbreaking, and paved the way for Fairport and many others.

My memory could be wrong but I recall reading you saying one time you had an idea to do an (East/West) project in the 60s but some other people had beaten you to the punch, musically, so to speak, and therefore you didn't pursue the idea further. Was Davy Graham possibly amongst these and might it have been a reference to his (Pre-Fairport recording) type of songs such as Maajun, Fakir and Fire In My Soul? Fairport's modal, slightly Eastern version of She Moved Through The Fair brings to mind Mr Graham's. Even if this isn't the case, did these songs influence your writing/singing/playing in any form? Warmest regards. Peter Mateer - Central QLD, Australia

Although the directions are similar, I don't think of Davy as a major influence - I was listening more to other instruments rather than guitar players.