Q&A April 2013, Part IV
5/1/2013 (updated 5/1/2013)

My dad and I are fans of RT's music and we wanted to know the answer to the following question:  "To what extent does Richard write from experience or does he adopt personas through his song writing?".

There's no easy and honest answer to this question. I sit down to write stories, and sometimes they end up being about me to some degree, but it's hard to see the line where fiction and fact overlap.

Also, my dad penned this song "Real Deal Richard or The Thompson Reel" in tribute!  I pass it on to you, as I thought Richard's audience (and possibly the great man himself!) would wish to read it. Many thanks, Thomas Forshaw

Real Deal Richard or The Thompson Reel

Ice-blue eyes
Powder blue guitar
You broke with Convention
To raise the bar
As a singer song-writer
You could be fly at times
Keeping strict tempo
Sharing marriage lines

So is it real Richard
All those stories that you tell?
Or is it the Thompson reel
That casts its spell?

From wanting to see the  bright lights tonight
You were also intent on watching the dark
From First Light to the Dimming of the Day
You Shoot Out the Lights at the end of the night

The Thompson reel goes through rock and roll
The Thompson feel for the folk that you know
The Thompson reel as you walk the wire
Reeled back in on the strings of guitar
So the Thompson's real or is it a fake?
We dance to the tunes in his wake
The man with the ice-blue eyes
The powder blue guitar
Richard who broke with Convention
Thompson who raised the bar

So is it real Richard?
Is it real Richard?
All those stories that you tell?
From the Beeswing to the Black Lightning
From the Cooksferry Queen to I Still Dream

Is it real Richard ?
Is it real Richard?
Are they really real the stories that you tell?
Or are they contrived and only a conceit
Driven by the rhythms of the dancing feet
And we're caught in the Thompson reel
We're caught in the Thompson reel
We're caught in the feel of the Thompson reel
That casts its spell and it's hard to tell
How we are moved on each occasion
But then we're open to Persuasion

James Forshaw
Fochabers 6.3.13

Re: Al Bowlly's in Heaven
Just out of idle curiosity, is there any reason why the song referenced in "Al Bowlly" has changed from "The Very Thought of You" to "Love is the Sweetest Thing" over the years? It doesn't seem to add anything to, or indeed detract anything from, the song. Michael Baxandall

I prefer the line before that rhymes with 'Love Is The Sweetest Thing' - otherwise it doesn't matter.