INTERVIEW: U~T SAN DIEGO - Richard Thompson's music soars on

The legendary English singer-songwriter, guitar great and former jamming partner of Jimi Hendrix returns for a Tuesday gig at the Belly Up. Here's our interview with him.

I consider myself to be in a slightly off-center area of music, in that there are less people plowing in the same field as me. I'm somewhere between popular and Celtic music, which is a fertile area in which I can explore. But I have to stop myself being cliched sometimes. (laughs). 'Someone wise once said: Steal from everybody except yourself.'

The fact I get stuck in Amerciana -- and I'm not remotely American! -- gives me an idea of the lack of available pigeonholes. It was a deliberate thing (for me) to choose to make this style of music and establish a link between popular and traditional music, which did not exist in Britain. In Fairport, we had to invent a bridge, and a style of music distinct to us and to what we had (as musical resources). - RT

George Varga, U~T San Diego