Q&A May 2013, Part II

Re: Recording of Richard Thompson's Trio playing at Goodbye BBC TV Centre: Is there a recording of this session and if so is there a cd I can acquire? Gillian Anderson

It was recorded, and is owned, by the BBC. They might think of releasing it in the future, but not available now.

Dear Richard - I was one of the folks who traveled hundreds of miles to hear your "power" trio perform your classics, both old and new (When Love Whispers Your Name) in Monterey in mid-May.  Had a recording of the show been available afterwards, I would have snatched it up in a heartbeat.  Have you considered making your live performances available through a site such as  I'm sure I'm not the only one out here who would delight in re-living their Electric Trio experience. George Lloyd

This is something we consider doing. At some point it may happen.

Re: Book Song
Hi Richard. Before I get to my question, your Electric Trio show was the best thing I've seen in years. Thank you for coming to Portland and rocking the Aladdin. Now, the question. My band and I are learning Book Song. I am the guitarist. I have loved this song for decades, and everyone I've introduced to it raves about it.
We've transposed it up to the key of A, but it may have been in G before... hard to tell, as I'm pretty sure you & Fairport were tuned to a unique church pipe organ and it was at least a quarter step off of whatever.

Rather than attempt your exact solo note for note...well, actually I did attempt it, and failed. Anyway, rather than continuing to make that mistake, my idea now is to figure out what scale(s) applies to the song and just play whatever I feel in that range. But the key/mode of Book Song is weird and wiggly, one of the reasons I like the song so much. It meanders around a lot before it reaches resolution, and playing within a simple pentatonic scale or two probably won't do; even if you could, it's just too cool a tune for that. Is there a mixolydian or some other weird-moded scale or two that you would apply to this, or would you just apply blocks of the relevant major & minor scales? Thanks, Richard. You're one of the best ever. --Nick Perry-Guetti - West Linn, OR USA

We did it nominally in G. It just uses 2 scales - if you're in the key of A, it uses the notes of the A major/F# minor scale, except in the solo, where the D natural becomes a D#, to fit the B major chords, and then goes back to D natural, to fit the D chords.

wondering if there will be a meet-and-greet type thing at your next bearsville gig (carried my vinyl of Dangerous Adventures around with me the last few shows, with high hopes). also, i'm wondering if you'll be at the egg in albany again; i've had most of my RT experiences there so far, my very favorite venue. ALSO, (almost forgot) do you foresee a live acoustic album happening in the near-future? or any new live album for that matter? peace and love, tyler wilhelm
PS digging Electric. thanks.

I don't know if there's an official meet and greet at Woodstock, but if you can find me before or after the show, I'd be happy to sign. No plans for the Egg at present. We are thinking about both live acoustic and electric CDs for the future.

I saw you last Saturday in Vancouver (thanks) and you almost mentioned a merchandise table but caught yourself short.  Can you tell us all why we up in Canada never see any 'goodies' at merch tables? MT Jackson

When we travel into Canada, we have to pay import duty on whatever merchandise we are carrying (what we sell and what we don't sell). This usually means it's not cost-effective to sell at Canadian shows.