Fan Questions and Answers II
10/9/2003 (updated 10/11/2003)

Q: Any further info about the Lupos DVD like tracklist, release date & availability?

RT: It's in the works, that's all I know.

Q: I will be in Ames, Iowa to see your solo show on October 22. I have noticed that Gethsemane has been moved on down the line in the program towards mid show. I saw you for the first time in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on that cold and blustery night last February, and the Gethsemane opener was awesome. I brought along two of my coveted music aficionado's that had not yet heard you and they were quite impressed, especially with the Gethsemane opener.

RT: Well, it might be the opener and it might not - we have to move with the times, you know. But I'm so glad that you and your friends like the song.

That's It!! Till next time. RT

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