REVIEW: Richard Thompson Trio at Kent Stage
7/8/2013 (updated 7/9/2013)

Richard Thompson’s Unbridled Tastiness at The Kent Stage

Thompson starts with British Folk, electrifies it, throws in tasteful but smoking guitar solos (into every song!), and doses it with heavy lyrics to keep you musing all night long.

Thomas Mulready, Cool


Richard Thompson Took the Kent Stage by Storm Last Night

With a beret, scarf, salmon pink Fender and a scathingly thick British accent, Richard Thompson took the Kent Stage by storm last night with hard hitting rock songs uncharacteristic of the artist's folk reputation. "We’re a power trio but we’re not that powerful," Thompson said to a roaring crowd in the middle of his second encore. "We can’t afford big Marshall stacks" he said before ripping into a cover of Cream's "White Room." The artist rarely picked up an acoustic guitar as he pounded out two hours of electric folk music.

Thompson took one audience request, "Calvary Cross," during the night and taught everyone the three chord song - F, A minor, G. It actually might have been a lesson for the band as the group struggled slightly through the song.

Nearly all of the songs had the audience in a trance as Thompson delivered technically complex guitar solos. Old classics such as "Dad's Gonna Kill Me" and "She Loved The Lights" (sic) were well welcomed and expected. But, "Good Things Happen To Good People," the band’s new single off 2013's Electric, was also met with loud cheers, proving that Thompson is not just a bag of old tricks. In fact, Electric is the artist’s highest chart topper ever.

William Hoffman, Scene and Heard - Cleveland Scene Weekly