GIG REVIEWS: AmericanaramA - Richard Thompson Trio III
7/10/2013 (updated 7/13/2013)

Richard Thompson Electric Trio Special Guest on
AmericanaramA Festival of Music featuring Bob Dylan & His Band

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Bob Dylan homecoming: Postcards from Duluth: Jim Walsh, MinnPost
July 9 Duluth MN - Bayfront Festival Park

Review: Dylan, Wilco, My Morning Jacket and Richard Thompson at Toyota Park
Bob Gendron, Chicago Tribune

Encouraging a communal feel, Wilco acted as a gracious host by inviting Thompson to sit in during three songs* and My Morning Jacket to assist on a blowout version of "Cinnamon Girl." While the en-masse rendition of the Neil Young classic briefly turned both festival-circuit groups back into kids paying homage to idols in their basements, Thompson and Wilco's take on Fairport Convention's epic "Sloth" served as the highlight of the five-hour-plus extravaganza.

Facing Wilco's Nels Cline from the opposite end of the stage, Thompson engaged in a tonal tete-a-tete with the fellow guitarist. Each virtuoso wrapped notes into winding, finessed solos that found Cline chasing speed and Thompson emphasizing grace until both arrived at a common point.

*Sloth, California Stars, That's Not The Issue


Richard Thompson, Troubadour
Ann Margaret Daniel, Huffington Post

Thompson's own command of the ballad is like few other contemporary songwriters' -- no coincidence that he's currently on tour in the Midwest with America's top balladeer of these past fifty years, and counting, Bob Dylan. Reviews have been raves, from St. Paul to Duluth, Cincinnati to Memphis. The AmericanaramA Tour, with WILCO, My Morning Jacket, Richard Thompson Electric Trio, and Dylan, rolls into Peoria, Illinois on July 11th, Chicago on July 12th, Clarkston, Michigan on July 13th, and Toronto on July 15th. If you live in or near these cities, go. Get there early, so you can hear Thompson's full set. If you're not close by, make the effort to hear him live the next time Thompson is near you -- and get his new record, Richard Thompson Electric, available now.


AmericanaramaA’s Collaborations Continue - Peoria IL

Richard Thompson Electric Trio opened the night with a five-song set. A little later in the night, Thompson returned to the stage to join Wilco on his own "Calvary Cross" and the Wilco arranged Woody Guthrie nugget "California Stars." Bob Dylan closed the night with his now standard, guest-free set.


Wilco wows, but Dylan underwhelms
Danielle Hatch, Journal Star

I respect Dylan immensely for his contribution to music, but this set this was a disappointment. Thankfully, the bill was rounded out with some additional talent, from the Richard Thompson Electric Trio, which played a bluesy, electrified set for 30 minutes while many people were still shuffling in. The bespectacled Thompson wore a suit and tie and looks rather reserved, but he rocks out so hard that his head of curly gray hair shudders violently. (!!??)


Bob Dylan, Wilco, My Morning Jacket, and Richard Thompson at Midway Stadium in St. Paul: History in the making
Jay Gabler, Twin Cities Daily Planet

Tickets generally aren’t hard to come by, though the Midway Stadium show on July 10 SOLD OUT in part on the strength of a lineup that eclipsed any given Rock the Garden in sheer star wattage.

As the crowd gathered on a (finally!) picture-perfect summer evening, 64-year-old British folk-rock legend Richard Thompson took the stage with the other two members of his Electric Trio for a fiery and all-too-brief set. Thompson is an acclaimed songwriter ("1952 Vincent Black Lightning," "Beeswing," "I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight"), but he also regularly appears near the top of lists of underrated guitar heroes, and his five-song set, highlighting material from his new album Electric, snarled with extended solos that had everyone who was paying attention (as opposed to snoozing on blankets in the outfield) enraptured.


Bob Dylan, Wilco, My Dylan and partners deliver for mellow Midway Stadium audience
Ross Raihala, Twin

Thompson, 64, opened with a brief, electric set that many fans missed completely, thanks to traffic congestion in and around Midway Stadium, which rarely handles crowds of this size. Once inside, though, the amiable, friendly concertgoers experienced an entertaining evening with terrific tunes and few hassles. The long lines at the too-few food vendors seemed to be the main complaint, although a Tweet from local musician John Munson summed things up nicely: "I haven't been to a festival show that felt this musical and great since forever."


Bob Dylan at Midway was like 'Ballad of Easy Rider' Concert at Midway didn't disappoint
Jon Bream, Star Tribune

The formula was can't miss: a great guitarist (Richard Thompson), a great frontman (My Morning Jacket's Jim James), a great live Americana band (Wilco) and the most celebrated living American music icon (Dylan). Thompson's set was too short but he did give a taste of his guitar prowess.