MORE Questions and Answers
10/16/2003 (updated 10/16/2003)

Any chance of reuniting w/ French, Frith and Kaiser?

This depends on harmonizing some very bizarre schedules, it's not easy. There is still the disputed Christmas album in the can - if we can cut through the legalities, that may see the light of day.

Have you played any 12-string on any of your CDs? "Yankee Go Home" comes to mind.

There seems to be a hint of 12-string on every album I've ever done. There's a solo on 12-string on "Mr. Rebound" - that was some weird guitar of Rob Schnaps'. I used to own a Rickenbacker, early model, reputed to be one of McGuinn's old ones which he broke and left in the UK - the neck was repaired by Steven Sobell - I got divorced from it, alas. I've mostly used Fender '12's on record.

Which electric do you prefer and why ?? the '58 (?) Strat or the Ferrington blue "Tele"?

I like my blue Ferringtoncaster best, although the top string could be louder. Just as good in other ways is my 64 Strat, a bit mellower, but lower output. And fab in a whole other way is the Kellycaster, a 3 pickup Tele-type. which really screams. That was a wonderful gift from the wonderful Bobby Eichorn.

How often do you practice the guitar on any given day to keep your chops honed?

Probably a couple of hours most days, some days maybe 8 hours, some days nothing. Days off on the road, I usually won't play, to allow parts of me to heal.

Have you studied any voice? If so, with whom? And what do you do to keep your vocal chops in shape?

I have not studied voice, but I wish I had a long time ago. I've picked up a few tips over the years, and I think just doing it has made me stronger. Singing along with Gilbert and Sullivan records works for me.

On OKB, which electric is featured more prominently, the Strat or the Ferrington?

It's the Ferrington and a 2 pickup Danelectro mostly...and an acoustic run through an amp.

As a result of playing w/ Danny Thompson, do you have any interest in playing with other members of Pentangle, e.g. John Renbourn or Bert Jansch?

I've always enjoyed the work of Bert and John, but more as individuals than as members of Pentangle - I never really enjoyed them as a group, perhaps because Fairport was committed to a very different interpretation of traditional music. Playing with someone like Bert is tough, because he's covering all the possibilities - it would be like trying to play with Ry Cooder.

Have you ever considered doing an album of happy songs, just for a kick? Is it possible for you to write happy songs?

I thought all my albums were happy.

What kind of cars do you own? In the States? In England?

None of your damn business - but if you must know - in the US, an old Lancia Integrale and a '58 ford Pickup - in the UK, a VW Microbus.

Was "King of Bohemia" named after the pub of the same name in Hampstead?

Yes it was.

What is "Peppermint Rock" about? I haven't a clue!

Sounds to me like adolescent fumblings at the seaside - or it could be a way to extend Chubby Checker's career.