The Trellises
10/16/2003 (updated 10/16/2003)

Are you an avid reader of RT's 'News From Home' installments?

Do you check 'Catch of the Day' Daily? Weekly?

Do you salivate with anticipation, addicted to THIS, in addition to 'The Archers'?

Well, worry no longer, gentle reader...
Rumour has it, a new installment will appear very, very soon!

But what about those old PC users? Those folks with over 40 eyes??
Those stubborn PC users over 40, that get woozy from black type on sea foam green?

Fret no more, good people.

"News From Home" will now be offered as .pdf downloads,
as well as in your usual "Catch of the Day" flavour.

Collect them.

Trade them.

Psychoanalyze them.

Do not be afraid.

You are not alone.