AUDIO: Music Review: NPR - It's A Family Affair On Linda Thompson's 'Won't Be Long Now'
10/28/2013 (updated 10/28/2013)

Throughout "Won't Be Long", Thompson's voice is both strong and delicate. The album favors simple arrangements that showcase Linda's precise yet fluid phrasing. You can hear a fine example of this on the swirlingly beautiful song that commences this collection, an original called "Love's for Babies and Fools." In her liner notes, Thompson says she wrote it for Rufus Wainwright - one of Linda's close friends was his mother, Kate McGarrigle.

Oh, and Linda's ex-husband Richard plays acoustic guitar on this. "Love's for Babies and Fools" has a lovely, funny, bittersweet quality." - Ken Tucker, NPR Music, Fresh Air from WHYY
It's A Family Affair On Linda Thompson's 'Won't Be Long Now'

INTERVIEW: Linda Thompson: Good art can’t be depressing!
Well, let’s talk about the family album you guys are making. - Rick Moody, Salon

We’re all going to do a couple of songs each... My daughter, her husband, Zak, Kami, my other daughter Moona, she's a good harmony singer but that’s not what she does for a living. Richard, and Jack, Richard's younger son. Not Richard's older son because Jesse's not a musician. But everybody else. A load of Thompsons. We’re all going to sing on each other's tracks and we'll see how it goes. My son-in-law sent me the most brilliant song the other day, he sounds brilliant, and he recorded it on his iPhone! I mean, we could put it on the record like that. It makes me jubilant and depressed all at the same time.