TV Premiere of RT scored documentary:
*JFK: The Final Hours* on the National Geographic Channel

11/19/2013 (updated 11/19/2013)

Wednesday, 13 November at 9:00PM
National Geographic Channel UK

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JFK: The Final Hours, premieres at 8PM on Friday, November the 8th on the National Geographic Channel (Next US Airing: FRI NOV 15 6PM ET). It takes an in-depth view of the final day of Kennedy’s life through first-hand accounts from people who were among the last to interact with him, oblivious at the time to their truly remarkable brush with history; and everyday objects whose connection to the event transformed them into priceless artifacts.

Among those who encountered Kennedy shortly before his death was the film’s narrator Bill Paxton (Twister, Titanic, Apollo 13), who was in the crowd in the parking lot of the Hotel Texas in Fort Worth where Kennedy gave one of his last public speeches just three hours before his death.

JFK: The Final Hours recasts the fallen president as the man he was by revealing the intimate moments he shared with friends and strangers in his final hours. This "core sample" of small details illuminate the man behind the legend.

Written and directed by Erik Nelson, who also produced "Grizzly Man", the upcoming film features an original score written and performed by Richard Thompson. Unusually for a soundtrack, the score came first, with Thompson capturing the mood of the era based on his screening the few films of Kennedy shot the day before his death, and then, recording the various cues. The director and editors then used this music to dial in the emotion and pacing of the film, so in many ways, the two hour feature length film is almost a “music video” – with Richard Thompson’s music at the heart of the unfolding story.
New Documentary "JFK: The Final Hours"
Retraces the Last 24 Hours of President Kennedy's Life, Premieres 11/8, 8 PM The National Geographic Channel special, entitled "JFK: The Final Hours," will be narrated Bill Paxton.
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