Q&A September 2013, Part II
11/23/2013 (updated 11/23/2013)

Re: Hots for the Smarts
If you would be so kind as to provide the chords to this song, I would be most grateful. Have been trying to learn it by listening to a you tube video but cannot seem to get the "give me brains over heart".  And as with all your songs, I have had to dumb down what I hear so I can play it in the lowest denominator. Just the chords. I'll put them in the proper order.  From a huge fan. Respectfully Yours. Rob Wachs

I've done this in different keys - don't know the key of the YouTube vid, but I'll show it in good old C Major:


|| G / / / | C / / / | G / / / | C / / / | C7 / / / | F / / / | D7 / / / | G / / / |


| G / / / | C / / / | G / / / | D7 G C A | D7 G C  / ||


Listen: Hots for the Smarts, 2005 NPR World Cafe

Dear Richard, thank you for unconditional love in your music. When I feel, that beauty is everywhere and everyone is all right, I have a "silly" face. So, I think it will be fun to use glasses without correction. To give my face more intelligence. Another idea - using sunglasses to hide happiness in my eyes. Have you any idea to help me to find balance between inner condition and appearance? From Russia with love. My regards, Ayrat Shafikov.

It is always an advantage to have some considerable distance between the inner condition and the outer appearance. If people see who you really are, they will, at the least, incarcerate you, and at the most, kill you. Love and beauty are antithetical to government, bureaucracy, and big business. Hide that light under that bushel, in the great Russian tradition.

Re: palominos
transcendence was achieved on "the haunting" as well as other palominoisms. but, my man, the haunting, even with the heavy processing soundwise, or maybe because of, is so very gorgeous. any memories/comments? John Novac

I did Palominos sessions as overdubs, as did, I believe, many of the participants. I recorded at Sound Techniques Studio, London. I think Anton Fier was there. That's about it.

For many years I've heard that after Bernie Leadon left The Eagles and before they hired Joe Walsh, that RT was one of the guitarists they considered asking to join the band. What is the truth of this story? Was RT ever contacted by The Eagles management? Will I have to ask Don Henley? Would Richard have considered joining the Eagles? What would he imagine it would have been like had he joined? Would there have been songs like "Life in the Old Hogs Back?" "Hotel Caledonia?" "Unpeaceful Uneasy Feeling?" Thanks for your time. -Paul Honeycutt

I love the song titles - might have to borrow some of those. There was possibly an inquiry, nothing direct - these things went through management. I was too involved in forging the British folk-rock thing to have been able to do it.