Cuttings from UK
10/27/2003 (updated 10/27/2003)

MOJO, November 2003
Sadler’s Wells--Colin Irwin
In anybody else’s hands the sheer pompousness of the undertaking would be laughed out of house and home, but these days RT provides a shambling charm and self-depreciating humour that will get him out of most tight corners…and there are a few of them in this show.

WORD, November 2003
Millennium Man, 1000 Years Live--David Hepworth
Nowhwere else in this vast planet of music is another audience witnessing a master guistarist and songwriter putting on a performances with encompasses "When I Am Laid in Earth" from Purcell's Dido & Aeneas, the Gilbert & Sullivan duet "There is Beauty" and Britney Spears’ "Oops! I Did it Again". Richard Thompson’s select performances of his 1000 Years of Popular Music LP managed to transcend its music lecture format to point up two things: 1) There is more in the heaven and earth of popular song than dreamed of in contemporary orthodoxy; 2) Richard Thompson can play just about anything from a Victorian comic song like "Trafalgar Square" to the Beatles’ "It Won’t Be Long".

UNCUT, November 2003
1000 Years of Popular Muisc--Nigel Williamson
It’s an inspired conceit as, with just an acoustic guitar and percussion. Hearing is believing, and it works brilliantly.

TOTAL GUITAR, October 2003
Richard Thompson: Guitar genius and punk supporter--Joe Matera
Who are your all-time favourites guitarists? Django Reinhardt, Johnny Smith and Hank Garland. Basically, I got a lot of my technical and harmonic ideas from those guys. Punk was a great shot in the arm for popular music-it cheered me up.

TIME OUT, September 2003
A Thousand Years of Popular Music Preview--Ross Fortune
Riveting, enlightening, witty, moving, provocative and entertaining.

THE GUARDIAN, September 2003
Maddy Costa
His mysterious tunings, blunt harmonics and yearning melodies are ceaselessly astonishing, making this as much a journey through Thompson's virtuosity as through a millennium of song.

Q, October 2003
1000 Years of Popular Music--David Sheppard
A showcase for Thompson’s jaw-dropping facility.

THE TELEGRAPH, September 2003
Sadler's Wells--David Cheal
A thoroughly absorbing show, and on a couple of occasions, as on the American folk ballad Shenandoah, when his voice slid and swooped with an almost violin-like quality, Thompson revealed his gift for transcending time and place; everything else fell away, and what we were left with was pure music, pure now.

UNCUT, September 2003
Guilfest--Nick Hasted
"Tear Stained letter" is an Anglo American hoedown that sends us grinning into the dark.”

MAVERICK, August 2003
Glasgow Royal Concert Hall--Loudon Temple
He coined a new phrase-Baroque ‘n’ Roll to introduce a madrigal -like piece of balladry from the 1590s Italy, "So Ben Mi Ca Bon Tempo", which in some way seemed to bring his playing career full

THE INDEPENDENT, 17 March 2003
Nick Hasted
White, middle-aged English men dominate a crowd who have packed this venue to bursting for a man barely known outside their tribe. Such cult adoration is perhaps all Richard Thompson can hope for now, as he follows a British pop path of lonely, eccentric uniqueess, and vital, hidden importance.

TIME OUT, 5 March 2003
Ross Fortune
With a sound like velvet and iron, rags and sand. A rare kind of poetry.

WORD, 3 March 2003
Something of the Undertaker--David Sinclair
He nevertheless remains one of the most technically gifted and singularly imaginative guitarists this country ever produced.

THE TIMES PLAY, 1 March 2003
Nigel Williamson
One of our most underrated national treasures.

FINANCIAL TIMES, 26 February 2003
Return of the Wandering--David Honigmann
Thompson’s beard is white; he wears his baseball cap the right way round; his children have careers of their own. The new songs are to do with the betrayals and compromises and missed opportunities of growing old.

THE TIMES, 7 February 2003
Thompson has not lost his venomous edge, nor his incredible skill as a songwriter and guitarist.

BBC FOLK AND COUNTRY, 3 February 2003
It's this timeless quality that allows Thompson to float above the crowd and stake his claim as a true British classic. He may be working on the West Coast these days and his muse may still reside in Middle England, but Richard Thompson remains a world-beater.

LOGO, 3 February 2003
Gillian Nash
Thompson has a gift matched only by Shakespeare and Dylan, for wrapping the mundanity of everyday life in words as rich as Belgian chocolate.

THE GUARDIAN, 3 February 2003
Monsters of Folk Rock--Tim Cumming
His is a most portable songbook, a movable feast of contemporary characters battling the old gods.

THE GUARDIAN, 31 January 2003
Thompson remains a true English original: no one else could have written these dense, flinty songs, and, unlike Elvis Costello, he never lets the technique overpower the text.

RECORD COLLECTOR, 3 January 2003
Ryson Dahl
Thompson is on fine form. Dive in.