Austin City Limits 29th Season
1/11/2004 (updated 1/11/2004)

On March 6, tune into Austin City Limits

Cooksferry Queen
Uninhabited Man
Shoot Out the Lights
Crawl Back
Recorded: 07/2/2001

For this repeat performance from 10/20/2001, Thompson performs with a trio.

“I think the original idea was that the trio would be a little more gentle — that I’d play acoustic guitar and the other guys would play a little lighter. And then as we got into it, it seemed sensible to kind of up the volume a little bit … at a certain point in the show start playing more electric and see if there was material that would lend itself that way.”

The show speaks for itself. Demonstrating his mastery of intricate finger picking on acoustic guitar, Thompson begins pensively with three arresting tales highlighted by the achingly beautiful “Persuasion.” He then unleashes his full-blown virtuosity on the electric guitar. The black-bereted Englishman attacks “Shoot Out the Lights” and “Crawl Back” with controlled ferocity to close out his set.

(check local listings for exact date and time).