RT makes TOP TEN lists
1/11/2004 (updated 1/11/2004)

Tallahassee Democrat:""The Old Kit Bag,"When ungodly-good guitarist Richard Thompson really unleashes the hounds, as he does on "The Old Kit Bag," the treasures that tumble forth are truly exquisite. The disc bears the wonderful subtitle of "Unguents, Fig Leaves and Tourniquets for the Soul," and listening to it is certainly balm to the spirit chafed raw by what passes for pop music these days. The songs pour off the disc as Thompson works powerful, lapidary magic. He takes listeners on a tour of the human psyche, and the ride is often dizzying."

Lexington Herald-Leader:"7 Richard Thompson, The Old Kit Bag: In a lean trio session, the master Britsh songsmith again shows off what he does best: songs that shift from fragile and forthcoming intimacy to blind cultural conceit. As usual, the detail of his tales is outdistanced by the astonishing command and taste of his guitarwork."

Daily Press:"This might not stand with Thompson's best work, but it's a solid effort that proves Thompson - one of the godfathers of English folk rock - still has a lot to say. The tune "I've Got No Right To Have It All" draws from the same well of sadness that fed Thompson's greatest songs. To lighten up the mood, he covers Prince's "Kiss" on an attached bonus disc."

Chicago Sun Times: "Richard Thompson at House of Blues. Before a crowd that howled its approval, Thompson thundered through a generous two-hour show that was perfection from every angle. The British legend proved once again that he is a consummate songwriter and perhaps the best guitar player on either continent."