Questions and Answers II
1/18/2004 (updated 1/19/2004)

I will be in Great Britain in March, what the heck are you doing in America then? Are there any plans for a west coast (u.s.) tour?

I am avoiding you, if you hadn't noticed. I'll be playing the West Coast when you're skiing in Austria.

A about 5 (?) years ago, a friend and I traveled up to Glasgow to Scottish Television's TV Studios, to be part of the audience for a small Richard Thompson concert that was to be televised. We had good seats near the Front and it was a fantastic show. Sadly I don't think it was ever broadcast In the UK, only in Scotland (I could be wrong though). Is there anyway you Can think of that I can find out.... i) what the program was called, ii) it's broadcast date, and iii) ultimately get a copy of the show on video?

Well, I think it was BBC Scotland, and I think it was called "The Box". A great show, super audience, but the BBC would be the only source of a tape.

I'm really looking forward to the upcoming US tour, and I was wondering whether it would include some retro shows (such as the Birchmere late last year) or 1000 years shows. Those of us in Atlanta (well, me, anyway) are sort of hoping for one or the other. In any event, we can't wait. Thanks for including Atlanta on the tour, we'll be there.

I'll do some retro shows, and other shows will contain a retro section. The response to the ones I did was rather muted, so I'll play it by ear. We plan to do 1000 Years in the Autumn, venues tba.

Hi Richard! One song recorded live has always haunted me : "A Heart Needs A Home" on "Watching the Dark". This version recorded in 1975 is extremely moving, beautiful and austere. "The Great Valerio" on "Dreams Fly Away" comes from the same concert at the Rainbow Theatre, London, March 16. What were the songs played that night? I've read that "Hokey Pokey" is on the "Over the rainbow" LP, edited after the last concert in that hall, with Kevin Coyne and more. Is there a possibility to hear someday the whole performance you gave with Linda on that night? Why not released a good live album from the 70's? Beside keeping playing and recording such good records as "You? Me ? Us? ", "Mock tudor", "A 1000 Years".

I've no idea what was played that night, it was about 2000 shows ago, and I don't have a tape. I imagine there wasn't much else recorded, I think we did a short spot on a crowded bill, so that could be all there is.

I'm curious .. How did you enjoy Paris last February and June (We sure enjoyed it). It seems unbelievable to me that you'd never played there before .. or had you ? - Sorry to dig the old things up (Well, I love TOKB too), but I'm curious about "Speechless Child", which I love. May I know more about it, e.g. was it ever intended to be officially released and were you the one who decided to put it on the Flypaper CD ?

We had a great time in Paris - it's taken a long time to find a good promoter, and also to have any kind of profile in France. I hope it will now be a regular stop. Speechless Child was a mutual decision as a track for Flypaper. I don't care for it much at the moment.

I really enjoyed Kim Richey last March in London, and have since really taken to her music ... Any chance that she'll ever open a show for you again?!

Well I hope so. We are all fans of Kim's music, and she's a lovely soul, easy to work and travel with.

We are so excited you're coming to the Ram's Head - it's a great venue we're sure you'll enjoy. We've seen you many times (Wolf Trap, Birchmere, Senator Theatre) and doing so is a great pleasure. But in all the many, many times we've seen you perform we've never heard you sing 'You Dream Too Much'. Any reason? It's a personal favorite.

I'll have to learn it again. Sometimes I just forget songs, lose the record so I can't check on them, and some songs which I like never get requested. But thank you for liking this one, I'll dig it out.