Swarbaid ll - Benefit Concert
3/5/2004 (updated 3/5/2004)

Swarbaid ll - Tunes help you breathe more easily!!

As many of you know Dave Swarbrick has been battling with emphysema for the last five years. A chest infection during the autumn of last year complicated the situation and thanks to fantastic work by Warwick and Papworth Hospitals he was able to pull through.

Although he is now out of hospital his health is still fragile. At the moment it is impossible for him to perform and he has to prepare himself for a single lung transplant in the near future.

To help him through this difficult time his pals in Fairport Convention have organised a benefit concert for him at Birmingham Symphony Hall (Box Office 0121 780 3333) on Sunday 20th June 2004.

The show will begin at 7.30p.m. and tickets are 16.50 each.

The concert will feature Richard Digance, Fairport Convention, Ralph McTell & Waterson Carthy and there is the possibility of surprise guests.Further details can be found at Fairport Convention and The Dave Swarbick Website.