RTlist Q&A, Part II
5/22/2004 (updated 5/22/2004)

With Richard issuing an increasing number of live albums (for which MANY thanks) from various stages of his career, and various line-ups, would he be completely averse to the issue of a Richard and Linda live album (on Beeswing, perhaps, rather than a major label)?

Well, if there was enough live material, yes. I suppose one could assemble everything there is, and make a live CD...from my viewpoint, there is some iffy performance quality there.

Any chance of a 'Son Of Bones Of All Men' or any instrumental project for that matter?

That would be fun, if Phill could find the time, he being Mr. Early Music these days. I would like to do an electric guitar album...

Flip, Netherlands:
What's the news on:
- Retro cd?
- Vintage band album?
- Studio acoustic album?
- 2003 RTB DVD?

Retro CD won't be ready for band tour of US - more likely October/November. Vintage band CD will be available in July. Studio acoustic CD slowed down by building work, but still ongoing. DVD should be ready for Christmas.

In recent history there are two great examples of performing with a somewhat "heavier" backing group than your regular band, which makes you sound like a better Ten Years After (Black Crow - Joni Mitchell Tribute/Shoot Out The Lights/Carlos Rey during May 6 show with Los Lobos). Do accompaniments like these make you feel wealthy as a guitarist/singer (given the stage monitors are working properly)?

Not sure I want to sound like Ten Years After...Black Crow was heavy in the sense of large numbers of people on stage (Four guitarists?) - and perhaps they were heavy-handed. The Lobes do play loud - but it's a joy to play with them, a great band, great musicians and lovely geezers. Yes I feel rich!!

Why the summer BAND tour, while we were just getting used to the combination RTB-tour/promotion of a new studio album?

Sorry to upset your routines! Originally, we were asked to play a string of Fleadhs - 11 Irish festivals across North America - and this was a good basis to build a tour upon. The Fleadhs fell through, and it was too late to cancel the band, so our wondrous agent Frank Reilly put together a very good tour at very short notice.

Owen Goldin:
Do you have music going on in your mind often? All the time?

Even as I write this, the hits of Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson are reverberating through the scullery of my mind...yes, a lot of the time. I am famous for humming and tapping during dinner conversations, and indeed, school was rendered tolerable by the mental melodies of Elvis and Dylan.

Is your inner soundtrack more likely to be be your own music, or things by others that you have heard?

Probably a bit of both.
I think a lot in pictures, so I can visualise guitar playing. Sometimes it is an adventage to work away from an instrument.

What's the story behind teaming up with Bonnie Raitt next June?

The Wolftrap in Vienna VA assembles evenings of two or three acts for its season, and probably looks for artists that are compatible, with overlapping audiences. They probably ran it by Bonnie, and bless her! she didn't veto me.

Any news on a new Teddy Thompson album/labeldeal as far as you are aware?

Teddy says that offers for his new CD, which he has recorded himself, are "on the table", which I take to be very encouraging.

Do you really use Elixir strings? Do you not find that the coating comes off?

Yes, it does eventually. How long do you leave yours on? Are you a thrash metallist? I find normal strings last me about half an hour onstage, before they deteriorate. Elixirs last at least two shows, and usually break before the tone goes.