3 RT List Interview
10/1/2004 (updated 10/1/2004)

(Combining several questions):
What's the latest on Teddy's new label/album release? Is Kamilla still in the music business, if yes, have you heard of any new plans?

Teddy is about to sign with a 'wing' of a major label - his album is completed, and sounds fab. Kamila is talented in many directions, but now seems determined to be a musician, and has been recording demos with her brother's help.

Paul Woods: Richard, how are you on heights? Would you ever do, or indeed, have you ever done a bungee jump? And is there anything that really scares you? (Apart from obsessive fans, that is!)

Don't want to do bungee jumping, don't want to skydive. I'm OK on the top of a mountain, with some semblance of terra firma beneath.

Dave Moreman: Would you ever consider doing a tour like the one that Neil Finn did a year or two ago where you would 'recruit' local musicians as band members for selected songs at each gig? I think Neil got musicians to send in tapes in advance, stating which songs and instruments they could play. Auditions were then held on gig days.

All credit to Neil for a great idea, but that is a huge amount of work, in advance of the tour, and especially on show days, when there is a ton to do anyway. I'm not sure where we would find the time to audition and routine the musicians.

Do you ever play or compose on the piano/keyboard ?

Sometimes but not a lot.

Kevin O'Donnell: The line "You've been licking his stamps and taking his dictation" never fails to remind me of Kenneth Williams. Are you a fan of the Carry On films or Round the Horne, perchance?

I liked the first two Carry On films (I was suitably adolescent at the time), but since then it's just been too crass for me. Round the Horne was a staple of our Sunday lunches back in the 60s. On purchasing a few recently, it sounds dated, for sure, but still amazingly funny in parts. Kenneth Williams was so good (also great on Just a Minute)...did we think he was gay? I'm not sure we had that concept, Perhaps he seemed amusingly effeminate. But the entire show was just double entendres, and I'm still not quite sure how they got away with it.

How do you go about the daunting task of selecting songs for the 1000 years of music show? Do you have some sort of formula, or do you attack it randomly?

Flip Feij: You've had different setlists for the 1000 Years concerts we've seen or heard of. Are you planning to follow in this fashion for the upcoming shows?

We try to get a spread of songs through the centuries - we had a worrying gap between 1610 and 1802 on the last tour, which I think we've remedied. We have to have things, obviously, which we can play, if not perfectly, then reasonably, and songs and arrangements have to be reduceable to acoustic guitar and percussion, sometimes ironically so. Apart from that, it's music we like, and not truly The Best. We are adding about 11 songs to the repertoire for this tour, so we now have over 40 to choose from.

What are - generally speaking - personal goals for 2005 re touring & releasing?

Complete solo acoustic CD, and take it on tour, hopefully, if all the bits fall into place, in the Spring. The rest TBA.

Thank you all for for your interesting questions,
Best wishes, Richard

Thanks to Flip and the RT List