Q&A: We love incorrigible.
9/30/2004 (updated 9/30/2004)

Vincent and Leslie wrote: Having appeared on many artists' albums, I wondered which musicians or groups you would like to play on during your future times?

I think I’ve played with most of the people I want to. It’s fun to collide unexpectedly with other musicians – it was a blast to jam with Donovan at the Fillmore, for example. That’s often a better way of doing it – running into people at festivals or gigs – than calculating some recording project.

Ethan Russo wrote: Dear Richard, I am an incorrigible fan. I was wondering whether any material from the 1992 tour with Shawn Colvin will ever be released? Particularly, the show I attended on the wharf in Seattle in August 1992 was outstanding!

We love incorrigible…I think there are some recordings, and I hope we’ll get to those soon.

David Schofield wrote: Hi Richard, Years ago at Liverpool Uni, I remember you singing a song about unrequited love whose chorus was something to do with ‘dragging the river. Did that song ever appear anywhere recorded and do you ever sing it still?

Yes, it was called “Dragging the River”. It has never appeared on record, and I was hoping all traces of it might disappear; but I recently acquired a rather good live recording of it, and you know – it’s not so bad! So I think it will surface on a future compilation.

Blue wrote: Are you really a Hockey fan?

Yes I am. I’m a big fan of the LA Kings. I probably got into it thanks to bassist Pat Donaldson, and my son Jesse, and my good friend Bob Borgen. I go to a lot of home games (or would do if there was a season). My youngest son plays pretty good roller hockey.

Hi Richard, Can we deduce that you are a closet rally driver given that you treasure a classic Lancia Integrale? John Smallwood

The trick with Lancias seems to be to try to stop the engine falling out the bottom – they may be the ultimate rust traps. I’ve never rallied – looks like fun. I’m an F1 fan, though.

David Olive wrote: Have you ever covered a Leonard Cohen song? I just recently discovered his song "Hallelujah". I don't know where my head was musically in the 70's and 80's because I somehow forgot about Cohen and you after the early 70's. Anyway, I have recently been rediscovering both of you.

His "Hallelujah" has such powerful lyrics, and such a beautiful melody; I think it would be interesting to see what you could do with it. I'll be at the 1000 Years concert in Ann Arbor on October 18. Why not just give it a go then? :-)

I’m a big Leonard Cohen fan, one of the truly great songwriters. I feel that song has had too much exposure – the very fine Rufus Wainwright version was in the movie “Shrek”, the soundtrack of which sold extremely well. I’d rather cover some more obscure stuff in the 1000 years show.