After Tour Q&A
11/13/2004 (updated 11/13/2004)

With thanks to Flip Feij

How do you look back at the 1000 Yrs Tour with the ladies?

It was great fun and a real team effort from band and crew. It was super to have three voices, and we tried to tailor the set with that in mind.

Is it true, there's a chance of a DVD?

We are shooting a DVD in January, hopefully in San Francisco, for release next year.

What to expect of a Austin City Limits DVD, announced - by others - for 2005?

We are doing a deal now, again for release next year.

What's the importance of Bob Davenport for music?

Bob is a great traditional singer, who is not precious about it - like many of the great singers. He is not afraid to mix the trad. and the popular - songs are songs, and entertainment was ever thus. It was Bob who got up at Newport Folk Festival, a few years before Dylan went electric, and sang an un accompanied version of "Memphis Tennessee" to the confusion of the assembly. Bob has always been a supporter of electric folk, and is a real friend.

Judith Owen told us you'll be on her next record. What do you have to say about the arrangements/reasons to include "Night & Day" and "Sally Gardens" to the 1000 Yrs program?

Night and Day was decided upon because we needed a standard from the 30s/40s, and the arrangement seemed rather slinky. Sally Gardens is just a beautiful song, and I love the piano arrangement. It fits nicely into the early 20th Century, where we have a hole or two.

There'll be a Cropredy in 2005. If Peggy would ask you: would you show up?

I've been asked, and we're looking at the calendar.

What'll be the main difference of doing the 1000 Yrs show with Judith and Debra and WITHOUT them in Honolulu?

Who do I blame when it all goes wrong? I did a solo show of 1000 Years at RISD, which I thought went quite well, so I'm not afraid.

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