Thank you for Asking! RT Q&A Part II
12/1/2004 (updated 12/12/2004)

C. Caire: Hey Richard. I know you're a fan of New Orleans and our music (Fats, Snooks, etc.). You're overdue to grace our town. When can we look for your next concert?

Iím always trying to get myself booked in New Orleans. Iím hoping to do something in town at the time of JazzFest 2005.

E. McCaleb: Hello.... Wondering if you are as big a fan of Robyn as he appears to be of you (Lots of covers of your songs). To my mind, you and he are two of the best songwriters around these days. Have you ever played w/ Mr. Hitchcock? Heard is recently released "Spooked" w/ G. Welch and D. Rawlings? Any comments? All the best!

I havenít yet heard the thing with Gillian WelchÖbut Mr. Hitchcock is a great artist. Perhaps there is some common ground thereÖ

D. Novack: Richard, Idea: How about playing concerts of songs written by other artists? I would like to hear you do the following songs in your own inimitable style:
You've got to hide your love away (Beatles)
Love Minus Zero/No Limit (Dylan)
I can't think of any more specific songs right now, but I bet you could do great versions of many Dylan songs. By the way, have you read Dylan's autobiography? If so, your thoughts...
What do you think of this? Perhaps alternate between your compositions and the covers. I wouldn't want to miss some of your own songs at any concert, unless you were really into the cover thing. If you decide to do the cover thing, you could publish the set lists on your website, so we could brush up before attending the show.
Will you be working with Earl Harvin again? That guy really rocks.

The Ď1000 Yearsí show is an excuse to do covers, and we do a Beatles tune in that. I thought Dylan was a bit too obvious (not that the Beatles arenít), in the sense that we can rearrange The Beatles into something acoustic, and itís a bit different, and Iím not so sure what I could do differently with Bob. In fact, we donít have many singer/songwriters represented in the show.

Iíve read bits and pieces of Dylanís book, and it confuses me. Why would the author of a lot of songs and poetry, and Tarantula, write something so prosaic, and reflective of real time/place/incident? My impression is that heís trying to set the record straight, somehow. Does he feel misunderstood? The general version of Dylan from other people, particularly other musicians, is that he was fairly obnoxious, self-serving, and opportunistic in his younger days, stomped on a lot of peoplesí fingers, and for whatever reasons often seemed arrogant and aloof. The book reads like a forgery, like the Hitler Diaries:

Took some lovely pictures of Eva this morning on the balcony. Himmler sent over a jar of excellent truffles. Have decided to invade Poland, itís for their own good. Weather continues clement, etc.

I love playing with Earl Harvin. Iíd love to do it again, if heíll have me.

K. Pizza: Just wondered if you ever met any of the Beatles or Rolling Stones personally, and if they were familiar with your work. Also any favorite bands from the psychedelic era?

I once sat in a hot spring with George Harrison, but I was too shy to say hello. I hated to bother him anyway. I stood one foot from Keith Richards at a reception, and words were not exchanged, but he sent me a note afterwards(!) I was invited to a party by Macca, back in 1968, but I was far too idealistic at the time to accept. Thatís it! Pretty lame really; but they were a musical generation above me, so it wasnít like we hung out on the road together. I used to see them when I was at school, for heavenís sake! Favourite psychedelic bandsÖMoby Grape, Airplane, Move, Arthur Brown.

St. Hershberger: Hi, Since the release of "Live In Providence" contains a taste of footage from the (so far) long discontinued "Across A Crowded Room" video, is there any chance of a re-release of the whole thing? Please say yes - our old tape is just about worn out. Of course I've already ordered the Providence show, but I also want a DVD version of "Across A Crowded Room" too. ;-)

This really up to Polygram, Steve, who own the DVD. I would also like to see it re-released.

M. Somers: hi, I just heard the new Nick Cave single and to my surprise after the first few bars I thought it was RT, in a slight style change ! Then it became clear from the phrasing it wasn't. Odd though. Have you heard it, Mr. T?

Not every day I get confused with Nick Cave, one of the more distinct artists around. I havenít heard this, but Iíll put my lawyers on alert just in caseÖ