Repartee Part II
2/20/2005 (updated 2/20/2005)

Just wondered if you had any thoughts on the great John Peel now we've had all the tributes etc. Thanks for all the sounds over the years. Best wishes, Ian Green

John really was the greatest. What a great champion of independent music, what a wonderful broadcaster, and what a natural, loving human being, whose loss had a massive impact in Britain. Fairport was one of hundreds of bands John helped along in the 60s, but the incredible thing was, he kept reinventing himself every few years, always stayed in touch with new music, and was there as a route into the BBC for generations of bands sending in their demos. Sorely missed.

Hi Richard: Ever listen to Herb Ellis? He's one of my favorite guitarists. I recommend "Doggin' Around". It's a duo concert he did with bassist Red Mitchell. Amazing. They just sound like they're having an absolute ball!

How much music was recorded for Grizzly Man? Will it be released?

I'm assuming that you will do some solo touring later in the year in support of the new studio recording. Any chance of a dvd coming out of that?

Have you ever had any problems with Carpal-Tunnel Syndrome, ganglionic cysts or any other ailments related to wrists or arms? What have you done for treatment or prevention?

I'm looking forward to all the interesting releases coming this year as well as hopefully seeing you in town again. Keep up the good work.

Take care, Jeff
P.S. PG Tips or Tetley?

Yes, Herb Ellis is great, I’ve heard that record.

There’s about 50 minutes from GM that could survive as soundtrack CD. Nothing will happen with it for at least 6 months.

We have 3 DVDs out/coming out in the space of 12 months, which is enough for now. A solo DVD will happen, but a little later. There is a solo tour of the US in October, and selected dates in the UK in August/September.

I don’t suffer too much from Carpal Tunnel inflammation. I ice down a bit before and after a performance, which keeps most of that stuff at bay.

I’m off the caffeine at the moment…but I was a tea snob – I used to special order stuff from Whittard.

How does Richard get that just breaking up tone from his guitar, is it just a cranked amp or does he use a pedal?

If it’s recent live or recording work, it would be either the amp cranked or a kick from a Mesa pedal. I now prefer Barber overdrive pedals. I also have a new amp made by Divided By 13, which is the bee’s knees. Can’t wait to try it on stage.

Speaking of cars, do you think anyone can give Schumacher and Ferrari a run this season? Do you think Williams or McLaren have the speed and reliability to match Ferrari? How do you rate Montoya and Raikkonen's chances? Do you think Button can be first British F1 World Champ since Damon? (I realize this has nothing to do with your music but you did say you follow F-1.)

Your collaboration with Werner Herzog on "Grizzly Man" reminds me what a rare treat it is to hear your music in film. One director whose work I admire and with whom I could imagine you collaborating, is Mike Leigh.

In watching Leigh's films, especially "Vera Drake", "High Hopes" and "Secrets and Lies", I find lots of common ground between your art and his. Do you like Mike Leigh's work? Could you imagine yourself doing music for one of his films?

Any chance of the BBC documentary, "A Solitary Life", ever making it to these shores in some form, as a DVD perhaps?

I think Schumacher is still The Man, and Jenson’s day will come, but not yet. I greatly admire Mike Leigh – his use of music is pretty spare, which I like. I might return his calls…Solitary Life, who knows? Alas, out of my hands.