Those Q's, Some A's: Part II
5/2/2005 (updated 5/2/2005)

Pattie McClimans wrote:
My Husband and I have seen you (Richard Thompson) at the Egg in Albany NY twice now, in the last year and a half and enjoyed each. We live in Liverpool (Suburb of Syracuse) and make the trip even if we have to go to work the next morning half dead! (not as young as we use to be). New York City in Aug is just to far so we were hoping to see you in Albany again sometime soon. Any Plans in that direction?

Also, I know it may seem odd but I was very moved by the song you sang in "1000 years" about the woman who killed her babies and her babies came back to take her to where she belonged. Most people may find it a morbid song, but those were very morbid times. Would it be possible to buy a CD with that song on it? I do not remember the name of it, just the goose-flesh it raised on my arms for the babes. I bought 1000 years (which we love) and we have many other of your CD's, but can not have to many.

Thank you, That song, ‘Bonnie Saint Johnstone’, will be available on the DVD version of ‘1000 Years Of Popular Music’, coming out soon – see this website for details. Liking doesn’t mean you’re strange.

David Zipkowitz wrote:
I recently picked up The Golden Palominos record Drunk With Passion. I was wondering how RT got involved with Anton Fier and what he thought about the sessions and the album. Thank You.

I knew Anton from working with David Thomas. He brought the tape over to England, and I overdubbed at Olympic 3 Studios (the old Sound Techniques). So I didn’t get to hang out with Carla Bley and Jack Bruce.

Ralf-Jürgen Hofmann wrote:
Hi Richard, after watching your fantastic promotion concert in Cologne (together with Midnight Choir and Jackie Leven) two years ago (time is runnin', isn't it) we all RT fans in Germany are hoping to have you back again for more live tour events.

Maybe in 2006?

anne.gerrit wrote:
Is there a tour in Belgium or France in 2OO5?

I’m always petitioning to play more in Germany – please harangue your local promoter! I should be in Germany, France, Belgium, Scandinavia the first week of September, doing promotion for ‘Front Parlour Ballads. This may involve radio, small concerts – as yet, I don’t know. I will be at the Eurifest in Belgium on the 20th August.

Jon wrote:
It appeared to me that whomever made Richard's lovely acoustic guitar had somehow designed a wider body for him. Are similar models of that instrument available commercially? Is the guitar detailed at all on your site or any other site? I'd love to get a closer look at the instrument and learn more about it.

My instrument is a standard Lowden FC model – I must have been looking narrower that day. Lowden make similar models. They may be Making a signature model for me in 2006 – I’ll let you know.

Mario Constantino wrote:
question for richard: one of your most noteworthy appearances as a session musician was the julie covington album in 1978. pretty nice record, with quite an eclectic collection of songs. you played a big part in it, so i'm just interested in any thoughts or memories you have of it.

We did Julie’s album and ‘First Light’ at the same time, with the same musicians. I haven’t heard it for a long time. The sessions were fun, and I miss her musical side – she does more acting. I’ll have to go and buy it, if it’s in print.

Paul Conn wrote:
After years of hunting, I finally tracked down a copy of the Sweet Talker movie soundtrack you did in 1991. How did you get to be involved in the music for this quirky (and funny) little Australian movie? Also, the early version of Persuasion on that CD pre-dates the version with lyrics you did with Tim Finn and has a different middle section altogether. Can you fill in the background?

Taylor Hackford approached me to do Sweet Talker, and I think I must have been about choice number 25 – I’m not the man most people would choose for a romantic comedy. It was a project fraught with difficulty, should a have taken about two weeks, and took about a year. The version of Persuasion was written as a theme for the relationship between Bryan Brown and Karen Allen’s son. Tim heard it, and wanted to put words to it, and to make it a sing-able range, changes had to be made. I believe Neil Finn helped with the bridge.

Michael John wrote:
Hello. I'd like to know what effects RT use to get his characteristic electric guitar sound I believe there is some chorus but what else is there? Thanks and keep playing. I have everything you ever recorded.

I’m pretty much plugged straight in. The rotary effect I use is a Dunlop UniVibe. These sound great but fall to bits, and the oscillator wears out. I’m trying a DejaVibe, which doesn’t sound as gritty, but works better.

Chris Houston wrote:
Reading about your Strat from the Fullerton Musuem of Art it says that you wore out the original neck - a problem that I seem to have with my guitar neck as well - but curiously whenever I have seen you play electric you seem to have a fairly light touch on the fingerboard - have you changed your fretboard attack to save on guitar necks or are you still playing essentially the same way now as you did pre-neck change?

On maple neck Strats, it isn’t so only the top of the fingerboard that wears out, but the sides as well, so that the strings will fall off the edges. Buying used guitars, they are sometimes worn that way already, as was the case with my ’59. The ’55 neck is now also unplayable. I think it’s just years of rubbing your hand against the wood that slowly eats it away.