A's for June Q's Part One
7/5/2005 (updated 7/5/2005)

I was wondering if there's any chance for future collaboration with other folk legends? (Especially Bert Jansch or Wizz Jones). Were there any thoughts about it in the past? Any recorded-but-not-released-sessions we should all be aware of? And what about this tour in the Middle East you've never promised but you should really keep? There are people in Israel who'd love to see you. Cheers, Yair

Sometimes it’s harder to work with another guitarist, especially someone like Bert, who plays a full style that often covers melody and accompaniment, not leaving a lot of room for anything else. Often it makes more sense to duet with a different instrument. As far as I’m aware, there is nothing in the can that would suit your particular interest. I’ve been offered a couple of tours to the Middle East, but the timing didn’t work. I would love to play in a whole host of countries, if the politics would allow.

Howard Goldin wrote: How about an RT show in Las Vegas? I am a very loyal fan who has moved from the DC area to the desert. I want to see RICHARD!!!!

The demographics for many places in the South and West of the US have changed enough over the last 20 years, that I now have an audience in Tucson, Phoenix, Santa Fe, Florida, etc. This is partly due to the migration of population from the North East, where I am better known. Las Vegas has also become much more of a family resort, so you don’t have to sing like Paul Anka to get a gig – I mean, Bob Dylan plays there….however, I’m still waiting for my first offer to come in. I can’t come if I’m not invited.

Hey there Richard, Is there a story behind the fact that Al Bowlly now sings "Love is the Sweetest Thing" instead of "The Very Thought of You"? I know you get loads of requests for particular live releases, most of which are probably out of your control anyway, but here's another: I'd love a recording of the "Big Band '86" tour, or, at the very least your great version of "Danny Boy" (which I thought compared quite favorably with Conway Twitty's arrangement). Finally, I have never seen the TV series "Crossing Jordan", but I was stunned by the nine-minute version of "Season of the Witch" that you contributed to the soundtrack album. Would you talk a bit about that? I assumed beforehand that it was a live recording, but doesn’t sound like one: it starts as though it's a sort of a casual studio jam, then builds up to something that rivals "Night Goes In" or “Calvary Cross” in intensity. Was this already in the works when Mr. Leitch appeared onstage with you, or was that what sparked the recording? Thanks and best wishes, Brian Burns

The change in ‘Al Bowlly’ was just a personal preference.

I think we have something in the archives from the ‘Big Band’ era, and it’s a period we would like to have represented on CD. Maybe in the next couple of years.

The song for the ‘Crossing Jordan’ soundtrack had already been chosen by the producers, but I was not unhappy with that. This was recorded some time before the Fillmore appearance with Don, but I think he heard it and liked it. It was really Danny Thompson’s close connection with The Man that got him up on stage to perform with us, and great fun it was!

A question: one of my favorite songs, The Way That It Shows, you did live with your band. But I've never heard you do it solo. Just my luck, or do you limit this one to the band? Thanks, Jeff DC in Iowa

I’ve never performed it solo. I feel it needs a band to do it justice. It is a good chord sequence to jam over, and has that ‘thing’ of being able to take you on an upward spiral every time it cycles round.

Will you ever come to play here? C'mon! There's brilliant weather, excellent wine and good food!! By the way did you evere wrote a guitar tution method?, as a guitar player I'd like to learn some of your "tricks". Best Regards, Giulio-Bologna-Italy

Giulio, if you can make the trip, I’ll be in Verona and Bergamot this summer – see Tour Dates section for more information. Hope we’ll see you there!

Hi Richard, Any chance of a whole album of Music Hall and/or Gilbert and Sullivan songs? Is it true that you were bowled out for a golden-duck when you last played at Limpsfield Chart? Phil

I think there are people who do that kind of thing better than me, especially for a whole album – I could lose droves of fans! At the Chart game last year, I managed to survive for three balls, before failing to read the ‘wrong’un’. I hope to have a net or two before this year’s encounter – I usually manage a workmanlike 12 or so at the Chart.