A's for June Q's Part Two
7/4/2005 (updated 7/5/2005)

Dear Richard, Having seen you too many and never enough times live and met you at signings, it's clear that you are a humourous and pleasant person, as amiable a chap as one could wish to meet. The new CD cover shows you with another sombre bumslap expression on your chops. Do you wish to live up to the D & G (Doom & Gloom, not Dolce & Whatsit!) persona, alienate new buyers or what? Do yourself justice, Sir! Cheers, Peter Young, Cambridge UK

I was trying to look neutral but accessible – not being TOO happy, thus deceiving buyers into thinking they were getting something akin to Little and Large, and not TOO miserable, thus deterring the casual Virgin Megastore lunchtime browser forever. These are tough decisions, much harder than making music, and I spend many hours in front of the mirror, with my personal expression trainer (PET), trying to find the right nuance of facial muscle that will lure but not misguide, seduce but not betray.

hello, we have been to numerous live performances and have seen quite an array of pedals at your feet. could you run through them for us (we can't make them out from the gallery) and maybe say what is used on certain songs. my sons and i have discussed (argued) what was used where but we would appreciate the definative word from you. all the best, tom & devin & mathew, colbert, rochester, ny

This has been broached several times, but to be current:

Acoustic pedal board;

Ridge Farm ‘Gas Cooker’ 2-channel pre-amp – this takes magnetic p/u and condenser mic signals from the guitar.

DejaVibe rotary effect/pitch change effect.

Line 6 Echo/delay.

Voodoo power supply.

Electric pedal board:

Ernie Ball volume pedal

Boss delay

Dunlop Univibe

Divided by 13 ‘Switchazel’ selector/booster

Barbour overdrive

Dear Richard, I emigrated to Australia with my family in 2003 from London. I was very fortunate therefore to see you last year at the Tivoli in Brisbane. I had followed you all round the Home Counties for several years. I know from checking the Website that you are very busy but I wondered if you will ever return to this part of the world ? The two fantastic DVD's releases this year help but they don't compare to seeing the master live !! Perhaps you could pencil in a return to celebrate the Ashes returning to England ?? Best Regards, Jamie T

Jamie, we hope to be back in Oz and Japan early next year, details still being worked on. It will be a close Test series, but although honours were even in the One-Days, they haven’t thrown Shane Warne into the fray yet.

Please pass these questions/comments along to R.T. and I'll watch the site for a reply. Richard, have you had a chance to put your Divided by 13 amp through its paces yet? They are built by my friend Fred Taccone and they are excellent indeed. I also recommend an overdrive made by Menatone called the Red Snapper. Very transparent and nice to the touch. Is there a chance we'll see you solo or with a band in Los Angeles this year? Were you ever approached by Elvis Costello to play on "Goodbye Cruel World"? Greetings from David Jenkins.

I love my ‘Divided By”. Great amp. I used it on the upcoming CD ‘Front Parlour Ballds’. It does everything. I should be playing in LA in October, date tba. Elvis did ask me to play on something. I forget which album – the timing, alas, did not work out.