No Depression with RT
8/24/2005 (updated 8/28/2005)

Richard Thompson is featured in the new (Sept/Oct) issue of
No Depression, a bi-monthly magazine covering alternative-country music (whatever that is).

Subscribe online. Here's a snippet:

ND: In the late '80s and early '90s, old friends of yours like bandmate John Kirkpatrick complained in print that you were being "Americanized" in location, use of musicians, studios - and sound.

RT: Well, they had a point! In the '80s and '90s, on the records I made, there was pressure to fit in with American radio formats and to use American musicians. I'm more my own boss these days, and I can pick and choose musicians and make the records that I want to - not that I care where a musician comes from.

ND: That early interest in one sort of American music, Cajun, was pretty surprising, because there weren't that many people bringing those sounds into rock 'n' roll in the late '60s.

RT: Well, in Fairport we were very eclectic - to a fault. In '65-'66, in the blues rack at the local jazz record shop, there appeared these Clifton Chenier and Hackberry Ramblers records, and we saw they were singing in French, with German accordions, on kind of blues songs. It was so bizarre! So we were very excited by Cajun music; it was one of the things that helped us to form our own ideas about playing our own traditional music.