RT Boxed Set
9/19/2005 (updated 9/29/2005)

"RT" - The Life and Music of Richard Thompson -

"RT" is Free Reed's '5-CD plus Bonus CD' celebration of the life and music of Richard Thompson.

Unlike previous ' best-ofs' and single-label compilations, this set has been compiled with Richard's full co-operation and with unprecedented access to Richard's own archives as well as those of major Thompson collectors worldwide. It features the classic Richard Thompson songs, as well as recordings never heard before by even the most devoted of fans, and is made up entirely of previously-unreleased and extremely hard-to-find recordings. An essential purchase for any
Richard Thompson or Fairport Convention fan, it includes superb 160-page biography/discography book, with a truly unique image archive.

The box consists of five CDs, plus a 6th BONUS CD available with the first pressing.

Aside from direct orders to Free Reed, with which the 6th BONUS CD disc will be sent automatically, this 6th BONUS CD disc will be available to all purchasers of the initial run, simply by returning a card which is included within the box. This applies to all regions and all outlets.

Each CD is themed:

1) Songs based on real people, places, and events

2) Essential RT

3) Epic guitar workouts (live)

4) Cover versions and sessions

5) Unreleased songs

6) BONUS DISC: Contains 17 tracks - 3 previously unreleased anywhere - plus others remastered.

Release is planned the week of February 6, 2006, and the box will be available for purchase through Beesweb merchandise, in stores and by mail order.

Watch this website for further updates.