News from Home 22, Part III
3/23/2006 (updated 3/23/2006)

Mr. A smiled, shrugged, and said, well, it’s your money, go ahead, you may get lucky, but not to win, to place, OK?

The race is run. Result: Che Guevara by a short head, 50-1. Third place, Frisky Boy. Anita shrieks with delight. Mr. A frowns for a moment, but then smiles philosophically.

Second Race 1:30PM – 1 mile – 2-year-olds

Mr.A hears that the favourite, Zeugma, was lame last week, and missed two days of training. The smart money is going on Rat-tat-tat-tat, the third favourite, who ran a bad race last time out, when she was off her feed, but has real potential on soft going. Mr. A says to Anita, Rat-tat-tat-tat, 5-1, will definitely finish in the top 3, you were lucky last race, don’t push it…Anita says, I hate those colours the jockey’s wearing. How can I bet on something that’s brown and purple? Now what was that one I liked? Oh yes, number 8, Fried Breakfast, 25-1. Just the most beautiful shade of teal, with black and white stripes. I thought, that’s so tasteful…Mr. A shakes his head, and says, it’s your funeral, waste your money.

Result: Fried Breakfast by 2 lengths. Rat-tat-tat-tat, 4th. Mr. A looking slightly flushed.

This basically, with only one exception, was the pattern for the day. Anita won about a week’s wages, and was deliriously happy. Mr. A lost about the same, and was miserable. Anita sang all the way home. Mr. A pretended to be interested in scraping the mud off his shoes.

Restaurant watch: At last!! Someone has finally introduced a new food group to the gourmets of Southern California – although, unwittingly, they have probably been eating it all along. A new establishment called Lovely Grub caters for the adventurous and ethnically inclined among us, serving dishes based upon ingredients from the Class Insecta. The menu writers seem to have a sense of humour:-

Marmite de Termite

A balsamic vinegar reduction poured over lightly grilled queen termites, on a bed of rocket and mixed spring greens.

Grubs Up!

Witchettygrubs from Australia, seared and skewered, and served sunny-side-up with vegetables, over wild rice

Waiter, there’s a spider in my soup!

Fresh rainforest spiders, boiled and strained, and aromatically seasoned with saffron and herbs, served as a consommé –recipe based on the SAS survival handbook.

Come Fly With Me!

Honey-coated locusts, hand selected and dipped,


As served at the Deux Magots in Paris?


You’ve seen the movie – now eat the cast! Coated in finest Belgian chocolate.


Today’s selection from the Raw Bar.