Katrina Relief Auction Results
4/1/2006 (updated 4/1/2006)

From Tim Bernett

The Richard Thompson/Katrina relief auction proved successful well beyond expectations.

A total of 16 items were put up for bid. Bidding was fast and furious, with the final tally topping US $13,000.00 After eBay and PayPal fees, the net result is that donations totalling $12, 610.24 are on the way to New Orleans Area Habitat For Humanity and the New Orleans Musicians Clinic, both providing ongoing aid to victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Big thanks to Richard for his generous donation of the guitar, the shirt, and the video Barbies, as well as to Ed Haber, Sian Wynne, Simon Tassano, and Bryant & Colleen for their donations of additional auction items. And to Megan McGraw, Miles Lacey, and Jayne Cotten for shipping out the prizes, and of course to the BeeKeeper for getting the word out.

And to all the auction winners and bidders - you're the ones who made this successful. Thanks everyone!

(Several people have suggested publishing the winners' names, but as eBay allows buyers to bid anonymously, we'll leave it to the winners to step forward and do their own bragging if they're so inclined.)

And for anyone who wants to make direct donations;
New Orleans Area Habitat For Humanity located in New Orleans, LA
New Orleans Musicians' Clinic