A's to RT Discussion List Q's Part IV
4/6/2006 (updated 4/6/2006)

RT Discussion List Q&A
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Are you enjoying all the attention you are receiving at the moment and do you feel better able to deal with it as a more mature bloke that you might have done as a callow youth?

RT: Attention is slightly better than the lack of it, and I can deal with it. I can still shop in the High Street. I'm glad that there is a revival in folk/trad/acoustic music, it's a healthy sign.

Tickets for the All Request Show at the Montalvo Arts Center (November 29) go on sale on April 16th. What is the All Request Show protocol? Is there a hat into which we drop our handwritten missives? Does spelling count? Can we embellish them in hopes of their standing out and being chosen? Can I volunteer to be the official song picker?

RT: The protocol is probably this: slips of paper will be available at the door, fill in one request, put slip into ice bucket or similar, await fabulous show. Watercolour views in the background in the style of Cezanne may receive extra attention, or not. I have chosen, as the official song picker, and to avoid any cheating, that ancient and respected accounting firm, Thompson, Thompson and Thompson.

When will we see "News from Home" gathered into a book? And any hope of a TV series?

RT: Could replace Desperate would need some tweaking to be book-friendly - the tone has changed since it started - and there's a way to go yet before it is book length. The film rights are, however, available...

If finances were not an issue (a very big if, I grant you), what would be the size of your ideal touring band? I'm thinking here more of the type of instrumentation, not the names of specific players.

RT: I would add one singer and one instrumentalist - could be the same person.

Who is your greatest influence as a spin bowler?

RT: At last, a sensible question. The biggest influence was reading Peter Philpott's excellent book on leg spin. I probably mostly imitate the style of Sonny Ramadhin. (As he suffered at the hands of May and Cowdrey, so I suffer at the hands of 98% of village batsmen).

If you could be any cartoon character who would you choose to be?

RT: Samurai Jack

All,, many.

What are global plans beyond the release of the 1000 Years DVD? New album? Remake of Henry The Human Fly? Solo? Band? Suprises from the vaults?

RT: I hope to get the band recording this year, and on the road in 2007. The vaults are probably bled dry at this point.